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We provide school leaders with strategic solutions with one goal in mind: To create positive relationships between your school district and your community, families, and employees that ultimately support student achievement.

About Us

Our team of seasoned professionals works directly with superintendents, school board members and school communication directors first to understand the issues facing the school district, then to create powerful solutions to move the district forward in meeting those challenges, and all within budget.

Even though school districts may face similar issues, the Hunter Communications team deeply understands that every community is unique and never offers a one-size-fits-all answer. We actively listen to your needs, challenges, successes, and goals to make sure the solution aligns with your reality. Then, we work with you every step of the way to implement the right plan to get the results you need.


Hunter Communications is poised to help school districts in a variety of areas:

Our Team


Barbara M. Hunter, APR


Barbara M. Hunter

Marita Loose, APR


Kathy O'Hara, APR

Kathy O'Hara, APR



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